Development of PC and Internet environment in recent years has brought remarkable change in the graphic filed.

Here in Japan, it is not an exaggeration to say that "Illustration" is widely known as one of lifework, not just hobby but a form of self-expression.

While the range of Illustration industry expanded widely, Illustrators who create extraordinary images play a big role in leading success by working on projects of "Visualization".

And now, the individual workload tends to increase according to the expanding the scales of works.

uncron offers comprehensive support by organizing the relationship between Artists and Contents. We provide positive work environment for Illustrators that they can fully concentrate on producing better works by reducing workload and offering challenging and rewarding opportunities.

And we continue to protect images created in those environment.

We try to make a great effort that Illustrators can continue to produce creative works with imagination and inspiration for a lifetime by leading their works to high quality contents in appropriate and respectful ways.